A review of the best headgear for sparring

If you’re serious about your boxing training, then one item of equipment you need to ensure you invest in is making sure you have the best headgear for sparring.

Even during ‘friendly’ training sessions, It’s inevitable that you will receive a few blows to the head during your sparring sessions. Any soft tissue damage can be minimised by the use of boxing sparring headgear. Indeed, if you also have a ‘regular’ job, it could get awkward if you keep arriving to work the next day with black eyes and swollen features. The chances of this happening can be minimised if you wear boxing sparring headgear. Perhaps more importantly, this protective equipment prevents you from getting injured, allowing you to achieve consistency in your training regime.

Good quality headgear should be lightweight, allowing for ease of movement, yet at the same time be of robust construction so that it privides you with many years of protection.

The Best Headgear for Sparring:

Here we look at some of the best headgear for sparring:

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

best headgear for sparring

This is an ultra-lightweight headgear constructed from 100% Skintex leather.  Its design allows for unrestricted head movement and visibility, whilst also providing robust protection for the chin, temple area and cheeks.  Users highlight its comfortable design and affordable price.  The two-way velcro allows for the perfect fit ensuring it stays in place.


Rhingo Pro Elite Headgear

best headgear for sparring


Another ultra-light weight headgear made with triple density foam covered in a robust leather / vinyl material, with good quality stitching.  Its design combines unobstructed visibility with forehead, cheek and chin protection.  It’s so comfortable that some users  forgot that they were even wearing it!


Fairtex Headgear Head Guard

best headgear for sparring

Crafted from genuine leather, this headgear provides excellent protection without impeding the wearer’s vision.  Indeed, users have commented that they have good peripheral vision wearing this headgear, allowing them to see incoming hooks and uppercuts.  It’s design ensures a secure, snug fit that will last for many years.

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